Rise to Work: An Insider’s Look at Disabilities and Employment

/ January 8, 2016

About the Author

Janet Shouse is a parent of a young adult with autism, and she is passionate about inclusion, employment of people with disabilities, medical issues related to developmental disabilities, supports and services, public policy, legislative initiatives, advocacy, and the intersection of faith and disability. She wears many hats at the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center, including one as a disability employment specialist for TennesseeWorks.

Our hope is that this blog will offer information you want to know, so if you have a question you want answered about employment for people with disabilities or other mysteries of the world of work, please email me at janet.shouse@vumc.org.

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March 2, 2021: DIDD’s New Director of Employment Innovation to Address Barriers to Getting, Keeping Jobs 

February 16, 2021: For Disability Day on the Hill, Let’s Go Further

February 2, 2021: Tennessee Launches Effort for Crisis Response and Prevention for Individuals with IDD

January 19, 2021: What is the Virtual American Job Center, and How Can It Help Me Get a Job?

January 6, 2021: What’s Important to Know About COVID-19 Vaccines

December 15, 2020: We’re Seeking Your Advice; Can You Help Our Team? 

December 1, 2020: Research Examines Family Caregiver Experiences for People with IDD and Mental Health Needs 

November 17, 2020: What Does the Katie Beckett Program Mean for Children and Families? 

November 3, 2020: Affordable Housing Often Hard to Find; Here are Some Ways to Start the Search 

October 20, 2020: What is the Alternate Academic Diploma, and Why Would a Student Want One? 

October 6, 2020: What Does Customized Employment Look Like? 

September 15, 2020: Direct Support Professionals, We Need Your Stories to Highlight Your Impact

September 1, 2020: New Company Makes Inroads in Helping Tennesseans Fill Gaps in Transportation

August 18, 2020: Transition Tennessee’s New Interactive Students Focuses on Work, College Preparations 

August 4, 2020: Supporting Young People on the Autism Spectrum: Setting and Pursuing Self-Determined Goals 

July 21, 2020: What is the DIDD Integration Plan, And Why is the State Making this Proposal? 

July 7, 2020: Check Out Latest Data on Who is Supported by Employment and Community First CHOICES

June 16, 2020: How Your Input Can Shape the DD Council’s Work for Change 

June 2, 2020: DIDD Offers COVID-19 Testing This Week to Those in Waivers, Including ECF CHOICES 

May 19, 2020: Interested in Attending an Inclusive Higher Ed Program? Check Out Ways to Pay

May 5, 2020: Tennessee Creates State Office for Accessible Transportation 

April 21, 2020: When You Have More Questions Than Answers and Your Life Turns Upside Down

April 7, 2020: How Do You Cope When Unemployment Hits?

March 31, 2020: The Landscape Podcast Is Here! 

March 17, 2020: Each of Us Must Help Protect Our Community at This Time 

March 3, 2020: Why Does Taking Part in the Census Matter for People with Disabilities? 

February 18, 2020: Memphis Think Employment! Summit Offers Innovative Sessions on Employment, Transition

February 13, 2020: Individual Placement and Support Helps Those with Mental Illness Get, Keep Jobs

January 21, 2020: What is Disability Identity Development, and Why Is That Important? 

January 7, 2020: Why Community Health Centers Could Be Key for People with Disabilities 

December 17, 2019: Want to Know More About How Inclusive Higher Education Is Growing in Tennessee 

December 3, 2019: Are You Having Trouble Enrolling or Getting TennCare Services For Those With Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities? 

November 19, 2019: Facing Barriers to Work? Disability Rights Tennessee Can Help Social Security Recipients Find Solutions

November 5, 2019: Wouldn’t a Guide to Good Apps for People with IDD Be Helpful? 

October 22, 2019: Who Makes the Difference for People With Disabilities Gaining the Right Job?

October 15, 2019: Determined Parent Crafts Program to Support College Students with ASD

October 1, 2019: What is the College Autism Network’s Inclusion Summit, and Why Should I Attend?

September 17, 2019: ECF CHOICES Opens 2 New Groups for Those with IDD and Significant Mental/Behavioral Health Concerns

September 3, 2019: Improving Transition to Adulthood Through High School Credit-Bearing Coursework 

August 19, 2019: Please Share Your Comments on Proposed Katie Beckett Waiver

August 6, 2019: See How High-Tech Gadgets Can Boost Independence 

July 16, 2019: Let’s Move the Subminimum Wage, Sheltered Workshops to History Books 

June 19, 2019: New ECF CHOICES Director Has Served Many Roles in Provider Agencies

June 4, 2019: DIDD, The Arc Inviting Families in 15 Rural Counties to Local Forums 

May 21, 2019: Tennessee Autism Council’s Report Outlines Many Challenges Ahead

May 7, 2019: How Siblings Can Support Individuals with Disabilities in Employment 

April 16, 2019: New Provider Merakey Offers Supports with Holistic Health Focus 

April 2, 2019: New DIDD Commissioner Brings a Parent’s Passion to his Role 

March 19, 2019: Why It’s Important to Know How to Read Legislation 

March 5, 2019: Accounting Firm EY Recruits, Invests in Workers with Autism 

February 21, 2019: Partners in Policymaking Leadership Institute Offers Advocacy, Networking; Data Shows Impact

February 5, 2019: Disability Services Committee Has Big List of Recommendations

January 22, 2019: Disability Day on the Hill Offers Chance to Network, Learn, Advocate

January 8, 2019: Making the Case for SSI Eligibility When Your Child Has Autism 

December 18, 2018: So, How Do You Pay for Inclusive Higher Education Programs?

December 4, 2018: Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Youth Program Offers Many Needed Services 

November 20, 2018: Learn About Upcoming Changes to Medicare, the Dec. 7 Deadline, and Differences in SSI vs. SSDI 

November 6, 2018: An Introduction to the Medically Underserved Population Designation; Why It Matters

October 16, 2018: DIDD Launches the Tennessee Employment First Leadership Initiative to Help Providers Boost Job Options

October 5, 2018: Project SEARCH: What It Does, Who It’s For, Why It’s Important 

September 18, 2018: Wanted: Employers and Providers Willing to Talk About Hiring Workers with Disabilities 

September 4, 2018: Tennessee’s Supported Decision Making Legislation: What It Does (and Does Not) Do 

August 22, 2018: Social Security Disability Beneficiairies Can Choose to Work-Learn How  

August 7, 2018: Come Learn About the Possibilities That Enabling Technology May Hold 

July 17, 2018: Health Disparities for Adults with IDD Make Inclusive Health a Worthy Goal 

July 3, 2018: Eleanor Lives Next Door 

June 19, 2018: Council on Autism Spectrum Disorder Welcomes Input in 4 Vital Areas 

June 5, 2018: Voices4Choices Helps ECF CHOICES Members’ Voices Be Heard

May 15, 2018: Division of Rehabilitation Services Gets Leader with a Passion for Networking

May 1, 2018: DIDD Shares Plans for Big Changes in Medicaid Waiver Employment, Day Services

April 18, 2018: Provider Agency Finds HCBS Settings Rule Changes Work, Changes Lives

April 3, 2018: American Job Centers: Where Everyone Can Get Help Finding a Job 

March 20, 2018: When Advocacy Efforts Find a Receptive Ear and Heart 

March 6, 2018: Some Ways Tennessee Can Tackle DSP Workforce Crisis 

February 20, 2018: New Legislative Committee Examines State’s Disability Services 

February 6, 2018: State Faces ‘Crisis-Level Shortage’ of Direct Support Professionals

January 16, 2018: Disability Day on the Hill Will Be Feb. 14, in a New Spot

January 4, 2018: Knoxville Conversation Will Examine VR Services for Those Who are Deaf, Deaf-Blind, and Hard of Hearing 

December 19, 2017: DIDD Audit Highlights Accomplishments, But Reveals New Concerns and Old Ones 

December 5, 2017: November Update on Employment and Community First CHOICES

November 21, 2017: The Basics of Tennessee’s Vocational Rehabilitation Program 

November 7, 2017: What an Employer Learned From a Summer Internship 

October 17, 2017: TennesseeWorks Partnership and Our Commitment to Employment

October 3, 2017: Why an Autism Diagnosis Can Be Important to a Teen or Adult

September 27, 2017: What is “Enabling Technology”? How Can It Help People with Disabilities? 

September 12, 2017: How Much Do We Appreciate Direct Support Professionals?

September 5, 2017: #HireMyStrengths Helps People See the Value of Employing People with Disabilities 

August 29, 2017: Vanderbilt’s Center for Autism and Innovation 

August 22, 2017: Employment and Community First CHOICES Passes its First-Year Mark 

August 15, 2017: Employing Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities: Seeking Views of Tennessee Employers 

August 8, 2017: Council on Developmental Disabilities: Powerful Results from a Small Investment 

August 1, 2017: What is the Tennessee Independent Living Network? 

July 25, 2017: Little-Known Program Just Expanded to Include People with Disabilities who Own Small Businesses 

July 18, 2017: Promoting Internships within Tennessee State Government for People with Disabilities

July 11, 2017: Finding the Right Job Often Takes Time, Willingness to Try New Tasks and Networking 

June 21, 2017: Project Transition’s Systems of Support Assists TennCare Members with Significant Behavior Challenges

June 13, 2017: A Chance to Explore College Opportunities in the South for Students with IDD 

June 6, 2017: Agreement Aims for Seamless Employment Supports Provided by Voc Rehab and TennCare’s Employment and Community First CHOICES 

May 30, 2017: National Core Indicators Tell How Well States Serve People with IDD; Providers’ Surveys Vital 

May 16, 2017: Uncovering Some Myths about ECF CHOICES Program 

May 9, 2017: Council on Autism Spectrum Disorder is a First Step in the Right Direction 

May 2, 2017: What is a Subminimum Wage? And Why is it Important? 

April 25, 2017: Having Issues with TennCare or Waivers? Call Tennessee Justice Center’s Client Advocate

April 18, 2017: Supported Decision-Making: An Alternative to Conservatorship 

April 11, 2017Enlisting a Longtime Community Resource to Help People with Disabilities Find Jobs

April 4, 2017: Employment and Community First CHOICES Program Hits a Milestone 

March 28, 2017: Mobile Dental Clinic Offers Speciality Care Around the Midstate 

March 21, 2017: So, What is a Per Capita Cap – And Why Should I Care? 

March 14, 2017: Student Teaches Legislators about Inclusive Higher Education 

March 7, 2017: A Blueprint to Guide the Journey from High School to Adulthood

February 28, 2017: Affordable Housing, Transportation are Vital, Student Tells Lawmakers 

February 21, 2017: Real Work for Real Wages Boosts Real Self-Sufficiency 

February 15, 2017: TigerLIFE in Memphis Offers Big Program in Big City 

February 7, 2017: An Encore Performance: Confessions of a First-Timer

January 31, 2017: UT-K’s FUTURE Program Offers Inclusive Education in a Big College Town 

January 24, 2017: Igniting the Dream of Education and Access at Lipscomb

January 18, 2017: Jackson’s Union University EDGE Program Offers Christian Education in Small-Town Setting

January 10, 2017: Let’s Take a Look at Inclusive Higher Education and Then Start With Next Steps at Vanderbilt 

December 13, 2016: Get the Latest Numbers on Employment and Community First CHOICES Enrollment 

December 6, 2016: Mark Your Calendar for Feb. 8 for Disability Day on the Hill 

November 29, 2016: Don’t Let the Moments Slip Away

November 15, 2016: Down Syndrome Association of Middle Tennessee Offers Unique Help for Disability Day on the Hill 

November 8, 2016: Why is the Department of Justice’s Statement on Integration Important? 

November 1, 2016: Check Out Highlights from the ‘Expect Employment’ Report 

October 25, 2016: Building a Bridge from High School to Employment for Youth with Disabilities

October 18, 2016: Need Help with Voc Rehab? Disability Rights Tennessee’s Client Assistance Program Can Help 

October 11, 2016: Make a Difference: It’s National Disability Employment Awareness Month! 

October 3, 2016: What’s a DSP? And Why Do Their Wages Matter? 

September 27, 2016: Individualized Education Accounts: Be Informed and Be Warned

September 20, 2016: The Changing Landscape of Home and Community Based Services – What the CMS Settings Rule Means to You 

September 13, 2016: She Says Goodbye, We Say Hello 

September 6, 2016: This is a big DEAL-The Disability Employment Awareness Lunch 

August 30, 2016: What is Person Centered Planning? And Why Does It Matter? 

August 23, 2016: When the Sheltered Workshop Closes 

August 16, 2016: When Mental Health Issues Hinder Employment, There’s Help 

August 9, 2016: Thinking About Employment? This Summit is For You! 

August 2, 2016: An Occupational Diploma Means Work! 

July 26, 2016: Questions Parents Ask and Helping Them Find Answers 

July 19, 2016: Disability, Employment, and Election Questions 

July 12, 2016: The Rollout of the New Employment and Community First CHOICES Waiver Program 

July 6, 2016: What is the Employer Outreach Initiative? And Who Needs It? 

June 28, 2016: Why Hire Job Seekers With Disabilities? 

June 21, 2016: What is an ABLE Account? And Do I Need One? 

June 14, 2016: We’ve Come a Long Way Over 40 Years 

June 7, 2016: What is an Occupational Diploma? 

June 1, 2016: The Dignity of Risk 

May 24, 2016: Four Key Skills That Boost Employment Chances

May 17, 2016: MegaConference Offers Job Fair, Networking, and News for Those with Disabilities

May 10, 2016: What is EPSDT? And Why Is It Important? 

May 3, 2016: Issues with Transportation

April 26, 2016: Employment and Community First CHOICES (Part 5) 

April 19, 2016: Employment and Community First CHOICES (Part 4) 

April 12, 2016: So What Services are Available with Employment and Community First CHOICES? (Part 3) 

April 5, 2016: Employment and Community First CHOICES (Part 2)

March 29, 2016: What is the Employment and Community First CHOICES Waiver Program? (Part 1) 

March 22, 2016: Kidcentraltn.com: A ‘Must See’ Resource for Parents

March 15, 2016: How Employment Can Change the Life of Someone with a Disability (and Everyone Involved)

March 8, 2016: What Is “Supported Employment?”

March 1, 2016: How Does This “Work Stuff” Work? 

February 23, 2016: What are the Top Predictors of Employment for Young People with Disabilities? 

February 16, 2016: You Expect Him to Do What? 

February 9, 2016: Young Advocate Finds Disability Day on the Hill “Very Exciting”

February 2, 2016Disability Day on the Hill: Confessions of a First-Timer

January 26, 2016: What is the PIE Conference?

January 19, 2016: What is TennesseeWorks? 

January 11, 2016: What is Disability Day on the Hill? 

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