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By Jude White

Kidcentral tn

I have asked Jude White of the Governor’s Children’s Cabinet to share some information about Why, you might ask, would families of youth and young people with disabilities need to know about Because there is lots of useful information for our families there; it’s not just for families with little kids. -Janet Shouse 

The Governor’s Children’s Cabinet has created, a one-stop shop for Tennessee families to connect with important information and resources. This website pulls content from across state departments, making it easier for families to find what they need. provides the following features.

About the Author

Jude White is the executive director of the Governor’s Children’s Cabinet and a member of the TennesseeWorks Partnership.

As we all know, children do not come with instruction books, but offers information about Health (such as concussions and injury prevention, immunizations, and mental health warning signs), Education (such as school report cards, special education, afterschool programs), Development, which is organized by age (for example, ADHD, online safety, cyberbullying, and gaming, driver’s licenses, and adolescent behavior) and Support (with information about food programs, child support, helping children through a difficult time).

Parents of transition-age youth will find articles under the Development category about Preparing for Life After High School, Building Independent Living Skills, Sexual Development, and Personal Care and Healthy Habits. For example, most young people are eager to get out on their own, including those with disabilities. In order to make a healthy transition to adulthood, they must first develop certain basic living skills. Parents can help build independence by encouraging good habits and including teens in their own daily routines around grocery shopping and meal plans, cooking, household chores, laundry, first aid and emergencies.

In the Support section, families will find information about Understanding Health Insurance Options, Getting on the Right Track for Employment, Taking Cvare of Your Money, and Choosing a Home That’s Right for You. For many young adults, when it comes to finding the right job, it’s hard to know where to begin. Between references and resumes, there’s a lot to keep in mind. But with the right tools—and the right attitude—they may find that big opportunity waiting just around the corner. Job seekers may benefit from these reminders: refine your search; build a network; focus on what the company needs; review your social media pages; and practice interviewing beforehand.

This directory of state-operated and state-funded services includes listings for families with children across all ages, 0-18. Some services are designed for families with limited income, but many services are not (for example, student assistance, adolescent substance abuse programs, Imagination Library, and Tennessee’s Early Intervention System).

In the My Profile section, viewers can tailor the site to their family. They can see unique developmental milestones based on their child’s age and tag articles that are important for their family. Parents can also receive recommendations for articles and services that might fit their needs.

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Visit today to learn more! The March 2016 home page features an article about Support for Parents of a Child with a Disability.

And as always, visit TennesseeWorks for additional local resources.

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