08/29/2023: As We Mark 10 Years as an Employment First State, It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Our Rise to Work Blog

08/15/2023: Direct Support Professionals Offer Their Ideas to Address Staffing Crisis for Those with IDD

08/01/2023: Why Might a Survey about ECF CHOICES Be Important for You and Your Family

07/18/2023: What is the Employment and Community First CHOICES Working Disabled Group? 

06/20/2023: Chattanooga State Wins 1 of 5 Tennessee Believes Grants, Will Launch Inclusive Higher Ed Program

06/06/2023: Is Your Business Inclusive of People with Disabilities? Apply for Tennessee Employment First Disability Inclusive Employer Award

5/16/2023: Why Tennessee Should Consider a Medicaid “Buy-in Program” for Workers with Disabilities

5/2/2023: Tennessee Small Business Development Centers Can Help People with Disabilities Start a Business

4/18/2023: State Expanding Crisis Walk-In Centers, Stabilization Units for Mental Health Emergencies

4/3/2023: Office of Reentry Focuses on Employment for Justice-Involved People, Including Many with Disabilities

3/21/2023: World Down Syndrome Day is a Great Time to Highlight Competitive, Integrated Employment

3/7/2023: Find Out How the MAPs Program Helps Teens, Young Adults Gain Greater Independence

2/21/2023: Workplace Protections and Employment Supports Promote Addiction Recovery

2/7/2023: Inclusive Hiring Often Starts with an Inclusive Website

1/17/2023: Collegiate Recovery Initiative Trains ‘Allies’ on Addiction, Mental Health Issues

12/20/2022: Meaningful Work: Reflecting on Our Pursuits 

12/6/2022: Lawyer Takes New Role as Chief of TennCare’s Long Term Services and Supports

11/29/2022: STAR Center, Founded by Couple to Help Their Children, Now Assists People with Disabilities Statewide

11/15/2022: New Assistant Director for ECF CHOICES Explains Her Passion for This Work, Shares Enrollment Data

11/1/2022: A Lot Has Happened in 10 Years of TennesseeWorks 

10/18/2022: Survey of State Workers Yields Useful Tips for Disability Recruiting, Hiring, Retention

10/4/2022: #HireMyStrengths Can Help Businesses Understand the Power of People with Disabilities

9/20/2022: New Initiative Links Students Seeking Useful Experience to People with Disabilities Needing Staff

9/6/2022: Division of Mental Health Services Greatly Expands Supported Employment Initiative Across the State

8/16/2022: Office of Mobility and Accessible Transportation Aims to Reduce Barriers for Riders with Disabilities

8/2/2022: American Rescue Plan Funding to Expand Behavioral and Physical Health Care in Rural Counties

7/19/2022: Useful Tips in Finding the Right Roads to Employment for Neurodivergent People 

7/5/2022: Dyersburg State Offers Tennessee’s First Inclusive Higher Education Program at a Community College

6/21/2022: State Kicks Off ‘Model Employer’ Effort With ‘This is Me’ Campaign 

6/7/2022: Keeping Disability Bias Protections Up to Date as Technologies Emerge 

5/17/2022: Bringing a New ‘World’ to Training for Job Readiness Through Virtual Reality

5/3/2022: Summer Camps May Still Have Spots; Check Transition Tennessee’s List 

4/19/2022: Tennessee Employment Pathways Project Enrolling Families for Summer Sessions

4/5/2022: What is Medicaid Alternative Pathways to Independence? And Who Does the Program Help? 

1/18/2022: Will ECF CHOICES Let a Parent Serve As Their Child’s Support Worker?

1/4/2022: Federal COVID Funds Will Help Add 2,000 ECF CHOICES Slots, Other Relief 

12/21/2021: New Training Can Boost Employers’ Skills, Confidence in Hiring People with Disabilities

12/7/2021: Longtime DD Council Leader, Wanda Willis, is Retiring, and Shares Triumphs and Trials

11/16/2021: Research Seeks the Keys to Success at Work, College for Autistic Adults 

11/2/2021: If ‘Technology Solutions’ are So Helpful, Why Do So Few Folks with Disabilities Have Access? 

10/19/2021: What is Peer Support, and How Can Such Support Help People with IDD? 

10/05/2021: Equipping Parents on the Road to Employment

09/21/2021: Should You Disclose Your Disability to Your Employer?

09/07/2021: Tennessee Believes Program Offers Funding for New Inclusive Higher Education Options 

08/17/2021: What Does the ‘State as a Model Employer’ Mean for People with Disabilities? 

08/03/2021: Project SEARCH-Helping People with Disabilities Gain Job Skills, Helping Businesses Find Workers 

07/20/2021: Tennessee Launches New Center for Decision-Making Support

07/06/2021: Transition Pathways Project: Connecting High School Students to Paid Work 

06/15/2021: COVID-19 Vaccines and Disability: What You Need to Know 

06/08/2021: DIDD Helping Individuals Figure Out How to ‘Return’ to Regular Activities 

06/01/2021: ABLE TN Celebrates 5 Years of Helping Tennesseans with Disabilities Save, Invest 

05/18/2021: Transition Tennessee and Voc Rehab Focus Partnership on Quality Improvement

05/04/2021: What Does Diversity in the Workplace Look Like? 

04/20/2021: Wide-Ranging School Career Lands Educator New Role as State’s Transition Coordinator

04/06/2021: Could Your Schools Use Community Conversations to Spark Fresh Ideas for Improving Transition for Youth with Disabilities?

03/16/2021: Are You Seeking Dedicated Workers? Learn How Investing in Disability Employment Pays Off 

03/02/2021: DIDD’s New Director of Employment Innovation to Address Barriers to Getting, Keeping Jobs 

02/16/2021: For Disability Day on the Hill, Let’s Go Further

02/02/2021: Tennessee Launches Effort for Crisis Response and Prevention for Individuals with IDD

01/19/2021: What is the Virtual American Job Center, and How Can It Help Me Get a Job?

01/06/2021: What’s Important to Know About COVID-19 Vaccines

12/15/2020: We’re Seeking Your Advice; Can You Help Our Team?

12/01/2020: Research Examines Family Caregiver Experiences for People with IDD and Mental Health Needs

11/17/2020: What Does the Katie Beckett Program Mean for Children and Families?

11/03/2020: Affordable Housing Often Hard to Find; Here are Some Ways to Start the Search

10/20/2020: What is the Alternate Academic Diploma, and Why Would a Student Want One?

10/06/2020: What Does Customized Employment Look Like?

09/15/2020: Direct Support Professionals, We Need Your Stories to Highlight Your Impact

09/01/2020: New Company Makes Inroads in Helping Tennesseans Fill Gaps in Transportation

08/18/2020: Transition Tennessee’s New Interactive Students Focuses on Work, College Preparations 

08/04/2020: Supporting Young People on the Autism Spectrum: Setting and Pursuing Self-Determined Goals 

07/21/2020: What is the DIDD Integration Plan, And Why is the State Making this Proposal?

07/07/2020: Check Out Latest Data on Who is Supported by Employment and Community First CHOICES

06/16/2020: How Your Input Can Shape the DD Council’s Work for Change

06/02/2020: DIDD Offers COVID-19 Testing This Week to Those in Waivers, Including ECF CHOICES

05/19/2020: Interested in Attending an Inclusive Higher Ed Program? Check Out Ways to Pay

05/05/2020: Tennessee Creates State Office for Accessible Transportation

04/21/2020: When You Have More Questions Than Answers and Your Life Turns Upside Down

04/07/2020: How Do You Cope When Unemployment Hits?

03/31/2020: The Landscape Podcast Is Here!

03/17/2020: Each of Us Must Help Protect Our Community at This Time

03/03/2020: Why Does Taking Part in the Census Matter for People with Disabilities?

02/18/2020: Memphis Think Employment! Summit Offers Innovative Sessions on Employment, Transition

02/13/2020: Individual Placement and Support Helps Those with Mental Illness Get, Keep Jobs

01/21/2020: What is Disability Identity Development, and Why Is That Important?

01/07/2020: Why Community Health Centers Could Be Key for People with Disabilities

12/17/2019: Want to Know More About How Inclusive Higher Education is Growing in Tennessee

12/3/2019: Are You Having Trouble Enrolling or Getting TennCare Services for Those with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities?

11/19/2019: Facing Barriers to Work? Disability Rights Tennessee Can Help Social Security Recipients Find Solutions 

11/5/2019: Wouldn’t a Guide to Good Apps for People with IDD Be Helpful? 

10/22/2019: Who Makes the Difference for People With Disabilities Gaining the Right Job?

10/15/2019: Determined Parent Crafts Program to Support College Students with ASD 

10/1/2019: What is the College Autism Network’s Inclusion Summit, and Why Should I Attend? 

09/17/2019: ECF CHOICES Opens 2 New Groups for Those with IDD and Significant Mental/Behavioral Health Concerns 

09/03/2019: Improving Transition to Adulthood Through High School Credit-Bearing Coursework

08/19/2019: Please Share Your Comments on Proposed Katie Beckett Waiver 

08/06/2019: See How High-Tech Gadgets Can Boost Independence 

07/16/2019: Let’s Move the Subminimum Wage, Sheltered Workshops to History Books

06/19/2019: New ECF CHOICES Director Has Served Many Roles in Provider Agencies

06/04/2019: DIDD, The Arc Inviting Families in 15 Rural Counties to Local Forums 

05/21/2019: Tennessee Autism Council’s Report Outlines Many Challenges Ahead

05/07/2019: How Siblings Can Support Individuals with Disabilities in Employment 

04/16/2019: New Provider Merakey Offers Supports with Holistic Health Focus 

04/02/2019: New DIDD Commissioner Brings a Parent’s Passion to his Role 

03/19/2019: Why It’s Important to Know How to Read Legislation 

03/05/2019: Accounting Firm EY Recruits, Invests in Workers with Autism 

02/21/2019: Partners in Policymaking Leadership Institute Offers Advocacy, Networking; Data Shows Impact

02/05/2019: Disability Services Committee Has Big List of Recommendations

01/22/2019: Disability Day on the Hill Offers Chance to Network, Learn, Advocate

01/08/2019: Making the Case for SSI Eligibility When Your Child Has Autism

12/18/2018: So, How Do You Pay for Inclusive Higher Education Programs? 

12/04/2018: Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Youth Program Offers Many Needed Services

11/20/2018: Learn About Upcoming Changes to Medicare, the Dec. 7 Deadline and Differences in SSI vs. SSDI 

11/6/2018: An Introduction to the Medically Underserved Population Designation; Why It Matters

10/16/2018: DIDD Launches the Tennessee Employment First Leadership Initiative to Help Providers Boost Job Options 

10/05/2018: Project SEARCH: What It Does, Who It’s For, Why It’s Important 

09/18/2018: Wanted: Employers and Providers Willing to Talk About Hiring Workers with Disabilities

09/04/2018: Tennessee’s Supported Decision-Making Legislation: What It Does (and Does Not) Do

08/22/2018: Social Security Disability Beneficiaries Can Choose to Work-Learn How

08/07/2018: Come Learn about the Possibilities that Enabling Technology May Hold 

07/17/2018: Health Disparities for Adults with IDD Make Inclusive Health a Worthy Goal 

07/03/2018: Eleanor Lives Next Door 

06/19/2018: Council on Autism Spectrum Disorder Welcomes Input in 4 Vital Areas 

06/05/2018: Voices4Choices Helps ECF CHOICES Members’ Voices Be Heard

05/15/2018: Division of Rehabilitation Services Gets Leader with a Passion for Networking

05/01/2018: DIDD Shares Plans for Big Changes in Medicaid Waiver Employment, Day Services

04/18/2018: Provider Agency Finds HCBS Settings Rule Changes Work, Changes Lives

04/03/2018: American Job Centers: Where Everyone Can Get Help Finding a Job 

03/20/2018: When Advocacy Efforts Find a Receptive Ear and Heart 

03/06/2018: Some Ways Tennessee Can Tackle DSP Workforce Crisis 

02/20/2018: New Legislative Committee Examines State’s Disability Services 

02/06/2018: State Faces ‘Crisis-Level Shortage’ of Direct Support Professionals

01/16/2018: Disability Day on the Hill Will Be Feb. 14, in a New Spot

01/04/2018: Knoxville Conversation Will Examine VR Services for Those Who are Deaf, Deaf-Blind, and Hard of Hearing 

12/19/2017: DIDD Audit Highlights Accomplishments, But Reveals New Concerns and Old Ones 

12/5/2017: November Update on Employment and Community First CHOICES 

11/21/2017: The Basics of Tennessee’s Vocational Rehabilitation Program

11/7/2017: What an Employer Learned from a Summer Internship 

10/17/2017: TennesseeWorks Partnership and Our Commitment to Employment

10/03/2017: Why an Autism Diagnosis Can Be Important to a Teen or Adult 

09/27/2017: What is “Enabling Technology”? How Can It Help People with Disabilities? 

09/12/2017: How Much Do We Appreciate Direct Support Professionals? 

09/05/2017: #HireMyStrengths Helps People See the Value of Employing People with Disabilities 

08/29/2017: Vanderbilt’s Center for Autism and Innovation Focuses on Matching Talents with Businesses 

08/22/2017: Employment and Community First CHOICES Passes its First-Year Mark 

08/15/2017: Employing Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities: Seeking Views of Tennessee Employers

08/07/2017: Tennessee Council on Developmental Disabilities: Powerful Results from a Small Investment

08/01/2017: What is the Tennessee Independent Living Network? 

07/25/2017: Little-Known Program Just Expanded to Include People with Disabilities who Own Small Businesses 

07/18/2017: Promoting Internships within Tennessee State Government for People with Disabilities 

07/11/2017: Finding the Right Job Often Takes Time, Willingness to Try New Tasks and Networking

06/21/2017: Project Transition’s Systems of Support Assists TennCare Members with Significant Behavior Challenges

06/13/2017: A Chance to Explore College Opportunities in the South for Students with IDD 

06/06/2017: Agreement Aims for Seamless Employment Supports Provided by Voc Rehab and TennCare’s Employment and Community First CHOICES 

05/30/2017: National Core Indicators Tell How Well States Serve People with IDD; Providers’ Surveys Vital 

05/16/2017: Uncovering Some Myths about ECF CHOICES Program 

05/09/2017: Council on Autism Spectrum Disorder is a First Step in the Right Direction 

05/02/2017: What is a Subminimum Wage? And Why is it Important? 

04/25/2017: Having Issues with TennCare or Waivers? Call Tennessee Justice Center’s Client Advocate

04/18/2017: Supported Decision-Making: An Alternative to Conservatorship 

04/11/2017: Enlisting a Longtime Community Resource to Help People with Disabilities Find Jobs

04/04/2017: Employment and Community First CHOICES Program Hits a Milestone 

03/28/2017: Mobile Dental Clinic Offers Speciality Care Around the Midstate 

03/21/2017: So/What is a Per Capita Cap – And Why Should I Care? 

03/14/2017: Student Teaches Legislators about Inclusive Higher Education 

03/07/2017: A Blueprint to Guide the Journey from High School to Adulthood

02/28/2017: Affordable Housing/Transportation are Vital/Student Tells Lawmakers 

02/21/2017: Real Work for Real Wages Boosts Real Self-Sufficiency 

02/15/2017: TigerLIFE in Memphis Offers Big Program in Big City 

02/07/2017: An Encore Performance: Confessions of a First-Timer

01/31/2017: UT-K’s FUTURE Program Offers Inclusive Education in a Big College Town 

01/24/2017: Igniting the Dream of Education and Access at Lipscomb

01/18/2017: Jackson’s Union University EDGE Program Offers Christian Education in Small-Town Setting

01/10/2017: Let’s Take a Look at Inclusive Higher Education and Then Start With Next Steps at Vanderbilt 

12/13/2016: Get the Latest Numbers on Employment and Community First CHOICES Enrollment 

12/6/2016: Mark Your Calendar for Feb. 8 for Disability Day on the Hill 

11/29/2016: Don’t Let the Moments Slip Away 

11/15/2016: Down Syndrome Association of Middle Tennessee Offers Unique Help for Disability Day on the Hill 

11/8/2016: Why is the Department of Justice’s Statement on Integration Important? 

11/1/2016: Check Out the Highlights from the ‘Expect Employment’ Report 

10/25/2016: Building a Bridge from High School to Employment for Youth with Disabilities 

10/18/2016: Need Help with Voc Rehab? Disability Rights Tennessee’s Client Assistance Program Can Help 

10/11/2016: Make a Difference: It’s National Disability Employment Awareness Month! 

10/03/2016: What’s a DSP? And Why Do Their Wages Matter?

09/27/2016: Individualized Education Accounts: Be Informed and Be Warned 

09/20/2016: The Changing Landscape of Home and Community Based Waivers-What the CMS Settings Rule Means to You 

09/13/2016: She Says Goodbye, We Say Hello 

09/06/2016: This is a big DEAL-The Disability Employment Awareness Luncheon

08/30/2016: What is Person-Centered Planning? And Why Does It Matter?

08/23/2016: When the Sheltered Workshop Closes 

08/16/2016: When Mental Health Issues Hinder Employment, There’s Help 

08/09/2016: Thinking About Employment? This Summit is For You! 

08/02/2016: An Occupational Diploma Means Work!

07/26/2016: Questions Parents Ask and Helping Them Find Answers 

07/19/2016: Disability, Employment, and Election Questions

07/12/2016: The Rollout of the New Employment and Community First CHOICES Waiver Program

07/06/2016: What is the Employer Outreach Initiative? And Who Needs It? 

06/01/2016: The Dignity of Risk 

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