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CaptureWhat Matters Most to Families

The expectations parents hold are one of the most prominent predictors of employment and postsecondary educational outcomes for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

In the spring of 2014, we launched a statewide effort to understand (a) the employment expectations parents currently have for their sons and daughters of all ages with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD); (b) whether and how parents are preparing their sons and daughters for employment; (c) factors that make parents reluctant to pursue employment in the community; and (d) the resources, supports, and information parents would find most helpful in this area.

Whose voices were heard? We distributed surveys widely to ensure a diverse representation of voices of families in every county of our state was heard. More than 2,000 Tennessee parents shared their voices in this project. These parents represent 80 of 95 Tennessee counties. Approximately 40% of families had children who were eligible for free or reduced-price meals at school.

We have created a series of one one-pagers highlighting findings from our survey in the areas of employment expectations, early work experience, job features, employment concerns, and resource needs. Please click below to download:

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