Jeanne’s Story

Key Factors to Jeanne’s Success

Youth Factors

  • Demonstrating a strong work ethic
  • Getting involved with Next Steps, a career development program at Vanderbilt Kennedy Center
  • Pursuing internships during the Next Steps program
  • Maintaining a positive attitude
  • Demonstrating a love for her job
  • Having a good sense of humor
  • Possessing an awareness of her own interests

Employer Factors

  • Understanding the value of programs such as Next Steps that provide interns who can be trained and prepared to work as full time employees
  • Having interest in hiring people with disabilities
  • Recognizing the powerful impact positive personalities can have in the work environment

A fan of musical theatre since early childhood, Next Steps graduate Jeanne often tells others that she has her dream job at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center.

She first joinJeanne Gavigan and Employered TPAC as a Next Steps Intern and was invited to continue in the administrative offices after her graduation from the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center career development program. She also greets audience members and hands them playbills on the evenings that she attends a performance at TPAC.

“Jeanne makes a positive difference in the daily life of the TPAC office. She’s friendly and sweet, with a great sense of humor. She has a gift for making other people smile, always making a point to introduce herself to new employees and interns,” said Lori Ward, Jeanne’s supervisor and TPAC’s vice president of communications and community relations. “Jeanne is a great employee. She’s highly conscientious, responsible and reliable, steadily working through the list of her responsibilities when she comes to the office. We’ve all watched her grow. Isn’t it wonderful that Jeanne loves her job just as much as we love having her at TPAC? She makes our workplace a better, happier place.”

Jeanne’s love for Broadway musicals inspires and motivates her work in the offices of the arts center. On her break, she’s apt to re-read the playbill from the most recent show she’s seen or watch a movie musical. She looks forward to the Tony Awards every year, learning about Broadway shows that are likely to make their way to Nashville.

TPAC has produced a two-minute video about Jeanne and her work that helps to tell her story. Watch the video below:

This story was written by Lori Ward, the Vice President of Communications and Community Relations at TPAC. She can be reached at 615-782-4077.