Steven’s Self-Advocacy Series

Episode 1: Voting Tips
Steven¬†interviews the Arc TN’s Frank Weeuwis about voter registration and voting.

Episode 2: Engage in Politics
Steven talks to Tom Curl about political engagement and why it is important to advocate for yourself and others with disabilities.

Episode 3: Post-Secondary Options
Steven interviews Vanderbilt University’s Tammy Day about inclusive higher education programs.

Episode 4: Employment and Community First CHOICES
Steven interviews Janet Shouse on Employment and Community First CHOICES and why it is important for young adults with disabilities.

Episode 5: Job Exploration
Steven interviews Susie Constantine about why its important to begin looking for a job early and how to find a job you are interested in doing.

Episode 6: Social Skills
Steven interviews David Griffin on social skills, why they are important and how to create a social support network.