Britt Henderson Workshop Series

The annual Britt Henderson Workshop Series provides training focused on innovative evidence-based practices to improve the quality of education for students with diverse learning needs. All Spring 2017 sessions are  at the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center, Room 241 from 4:30 to 7 PM. Dinner is provided.

Session I: How the IDD Toolkit Can Help Educators and Families: Connecting Medical Conditions with Behavior and Learning (February 9)
The IDD Toolkit ( is an online resource to help medical professionals provide better care to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. So how can that information help teachers? Many sections of the IDD Toolkit have valuable information to help you, as a teacher, understand the medical conditions that accompany many developmental disabilities and how those can impact learning and behavior of your students. Also, you, as an educator, can empower families by sharing this information. See how the IDD Toolkit can help. Click here to register 

Session II: Transition in Tennessee: Putting Assessment into Action (March 9)

This in-depth training focuses on the basics of conducting age-appropriate transition assessment and how to develop meaningful post-secondary goals that reflect the assessment results. You’ll first learn how to apply the guidelines for choosing and using transition assessments and the strategies, tools, and methods of assessment. You will then practice how to use those assessments to write appropriate post-secondary transition goals to guide programming for students. Open to middle and high school educators and school staff. Click here to register

Session III: Tennessee Disability Pathfinder: A Resource for Connecting and Collaborating (April 6)

Tennessee Disability Pathfinder, a program of the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center and the Tennessee Council on Developmental Disabilties, serves as a statewide clearinghouse of disability-related resources and multilingual helpline. It includes several components of its program to assist individuals in finding available services. This session will educate participants about Pathfinder’s phone helpline, online database, community calendar, resources library, and multicultural program, as well as, encourage collaboration to meet the needs of students with disabilities. Click here to register

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