Expect Employment Report Presentation to Governor Haslam

October 31, 2016 - |

In 2013, Governor Haslam signed Executive Order No. 28, establishing the Employment First Task Force in Tennessee. The task force supports the commitment of state partnership agencies to increase integrated, competitive employment. For three years, members have met quarterly to work towards the goals established in the Executive Order. With a shared vision to increase employment for all Tennesseans with disabilities, workgroups have focused on the areas of policy, providers, individuals with disabilities and families, and data.

This year, the task force focused on refining and completing objectives from a strategic plan developed last year. Highlights from the 2016 report include:

  • Memorandum of Understanding for Youth Transition from School to Work
  • Combined State Plan for the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act
  • Employment and Community First CHOICES Program

Success stories were woven throughout the report. In his note, Governor Haslam wrote, “The individual success stories highlighted in this report bring the task force’s hard work to life. You will learn about the positive impact Tennesseans with disabilities are having in the places where they work.”

For Clancey, one of the individuals featured in the report, her job at the Grand Ole Opry is a dream come true, and the product of her hard work. Clancey was a participant in Vanderbilt University’s Lifting Lives camp, which connects people with Williams Syndrome with researchers who study how music affects the brain. Through her Lifting Lives connections, Clancey was able to get a job at the Opry as a tour guide. It’s on the job where Clancey’s enchanting personality and immense knowledge of country music shine.

The Grand Ole Opry provided an inspiring backdrop for the Expect Employment report presentation to the Governor on October 13th. Prior to the presentation, Clancy gave Governor Haslam a tour of the Grand Ole Opry, culminating in a serenade of “Delta Dawn” on the main stage. The task force intends to build on the work it has already accomplished and take advantage of building momentum as it starts to develop a new strategic plan to guide its work for the next three years. There are thousands of Tennesseans with disabilities who want to work, and this task force must support them in making their employment dreams a reality.

Click here to read the 2016 Expect Employment Report: http://www.tennesseeworks.org/wp-content/uploads/2016_Expect_Employment_Report.pdf

Click here to watch a video on the presentation to Governor Haslam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdRZ0gm0AbY&feature=youtu.be