Memorandum of Understanding Between DIDD and VR

January 7, 2016 - |

*This information was taken from the December 18th edition of Open Line. For a link to the original posting, click here

On December 14, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Division of Rehabilitation Services, Vocational Rehabilitation Program and DIDD was finalized. In 2014, both agencies started discussing the option of creating an MOU through a Vision Quest workgroup (as part of the Employment First State Leadership Mentoring Program) spearheaded by two ODEP Subject Matter Experts: Dr. Stephen Hall and Sara Murphy. After learning about some of the important elements to include in the document, DIDD and VR diligently worked to draft the text and met for several months to discuss revisions. The primary purpose in creating the MOU is to facilitate the seamless and cost-effective coordination between the departments and to avoid the duplication of employment services. The next phase of the process is to develop a plan to successfully execute the MOU and put it into practice.

For questions about the document, please contact the State Director of Employment and Day Services, Amy Gonzalez at or the Director of Special Projects and Initiatives, Yovancha Lewis-Brown at