Hickman & Dickson Community Conversation Generates Strategies on Increasing Employment for People with Disabilities

March 1, 2015 - |

On February 24th, 58 people from Hickman and Dickson counties gathered together at the East Hickman Community Center for a Community Conversation aimed at generating ideas on expanding employment opportunities for people with disabilities in their communities. Community Conversations are creative and engaging ways of bringing together a cross-section of community members to generate both ordinary and unique solutions to a key challenge facing their city or county—the limited opportunities people with disabilities have to share their talents in the workplace. The 58 participants at the Hickman & Dickson Community Conversation represented a broad spectrum of community representatives, including individuals with disabilities, family members, educators, business leaders, civic leaders, faith community members, along with members of community non-profits and disability agencies.

TennesseeWorks and the Department of Labor are hosting an upcoming Community Conversation in Memphis on March 23rd. Click here to register. This summer, TennesseeWorks is offering individuals an exciting opportunity to host their own community conversation with support from team members and the partnership. For more information on this opportunity, please click here.

We have already held eight successful events across Tennessee, including Chattanooga, Greeneville, Franklin, Jackson, Lawrenceburg, Memphis, Murfreesboro, and Nashville. To learn more about community conversations and the TennesseeWorks Partnership, visit the following links:

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